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Friday, 18 August 2017

Narcissus' Feeding

It's not a fault to fall for a narcissus,
It's not a fault to love a narcissus.

Being mean doesnt mean she's intending to,
She just can't feel a thing.
She just cant understand what it's feel to touch or be touched.
She just a vulnerable being with a deteriorate personality,
Shouldn't be judge for everything she's lack.

Feel what she felt,
How worse could it be a rainbow without it's colors?
How worse could it be a music without it's rhymes?
How worse could it be a human without it's soul?

She would feel even worse if she ever realize,
For how lost she is, whithout the ability to love and be loved,
For how contempted she is, without the understanding of a deeper meaning.

For she is, a perfect distortion of miracle, need to be unveiled with all the secrecy,
For she is, an absolute being need to be touched the way she is,
For she is, who need to be loved the most for her delicacy.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Hell Goddess

You there,
Always left me unanswered,
When Im in my low,
When im at lost.

Sometimes a word could give everything,
Sometimes a word could take everything.

How could we fell deeply,
For some who could never felt a thing?

How could you act like you care damn much,
When you only care for no other than you?

How could you let me taste all the sweetest things,
While you intend to left me all alone in this pain?

Is it so beautiful,
To watch others dying for you?

Cursed you damn straight from hell.


Monday, 3 April 2017


He have no choice but to stay strong,
Yet he is broken,
He fell apart,
Become tired,
Of everything.

He might have lost,
In this vast collision,
Of everything,

Whatever coming,
He will put a smile on his face,
Work hard thus this perfect lie,
Could be end as one.

Just in the corner,
In the end of everything,
In the small unguarded space,
Where everyone can't put their eyes on,
He struggle more than he could,
For every mess that knock his door,
While some more might coming,
He lies without his strength no more,
Cry as hard as he could,
Hoping if,
If one would come and wipe all his tears,
Holding him right there,
Telling him everythings gonna be fine,
For all this pain coul end soon.

But no one seems coming,
None other than the fucked up moment,
And now he is tired of waiting too.
How could life be so hard on him?
Where could everythings go wrong for him?
He just wanna take a peek from the other side of world.
But for now he found nothing more than misery & pain,
Life show him no mercy.

As 'the voice' within his heart ask him to be strong,
On every wave that coming,
Said the sunshine will come brighten up his days,
His days of coming,
If he is willing to stay and rise up his face,
Walk on if he would.

But on the hardest moment,
He felt like ending everythings up,
He is so sorry for everyone,
For himself,
For his weakness that come along with him,
He was so hard on himself sometimes,

Who else could understand him more than himself?
Seems like no one could,
He might born just to end up alone,
Just like he was born.

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