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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

In The Shadow.

Its a day without a light rise,
As One would lead by The Man,
Into Man's behaviour judgement..

Stripped into nothingness,
Not more than the masquerade,
Being at false under the silver string..

Lead by heart,
The spell would be broken,
As the soul will be free,
From One's another to One's another..

Now then The Eye might see,
The truth within the truth,
The light beneath the light,
Befit the darkness clarify the light..

In stance,
No more another step,
As the light pour through inner soul,
Befall into One's sweet serenity..

-J.K. Rolling-

Monday, 13 July 2015

En Route...

Stop on your another step..
You might step on faults..
While you at your own,
There is no one to catch..

Its a route that blind you..
Cuts and blood will definitely do..
Strength that left when you breath of the trees,
The moist on the tips of the leaves..

You might lost, 
You might struggle,
You might come to relativity..

When you do,
Remember always,
It is not a route of killing wild,
It is a route of taming nature..



I would dwell inside of this tortured grieve..
Inside of the solitary walls..
There is no bound for horror,
No room for mercy...

My eyes can't be taken off without drop of tears..

Someone who grow in the seek of love might end up with hatred..
While hatred might be nourished by some loves..

Eyes doesn't have to see the string that bind our lives..
Let the hearts feel the bond that strip to our conscieness..

That thighs of burden of the whole world doesn't seem fated to be stuck on your head and shoulders alone my dear..
It's ours to begin with.. 
As what made us, humanity..


Saturday, 11 July 2015

Crayon Stars

The purity of snow of the absolute white of the blank lamination..
The innocent decent of mere soul..
The serenity of environment full of colors of crayons...

There might be a cramped, crabbed scratches of sketches..

But then,
There can always be a lot of beutiful shining stars lapped on those misseries..

As that beautiful hands that shape everything..
To be the past,
The present,
Thus the future...


Towards Infinity...

The circle made life so square and definite..
Yes or no...
Left or right...
Negative or positive...
Correct or wrong...

To the speed of light,
To the wave of sound,
To the rate of change of everything,
To the everything itself...
That have to be some kind of formulae,

Before all of connections of transmissions of neurons' interconnection,
Yet it still untouchable of the whole cosmic..

Therefore must be a secret ancient guidance of an unorthodox behaviour countermeasure,
Behind of those imperial precisely calculation,
That lead to the certain plain miscalculation so inhumanly called the human error..

Unforeseen of those exact clear-cut of the mathematical judgement,
There are always hidden of the unambigous truth possibilties among the others..

As the total perfect cirlces lies within the infinity itself..
As it goes for the infinitely cosmic...


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A Bless Curse...

Everyone born with a curse..

Either they realize it or not, either they like it or not.. And suiciding is never an option as once your soul choose to step up in life, your game can't never been withdrawn.. It matters of winning or losing either..

No matter how we look at it, our curses will never be undone till we ourselves untie the knots.. Yes, it's a curse with thousands of knots..

Untying it is like opening the pandora box.. It's a cursed self, full of beasts and monsters and secrets.. All the beasts and monsters are all holding the keys to each and every of your secrets.. We have to let them behold before us or else they are forever corrupting our souls..

Behind those tying knots you might ever find you, yourself within your deepest inner peace with full of conscienceness..

It's sound like bullshit when some are understanding others better than themselves..
It's sound like fuckingshit when some are loving others more than themselves..
How could a mere soulless soul understanding and loving those fragile soul of others??

It is a cursed with lot of pain and misery to each and every souls that lost their place called home..

It's not a matter of living a life.. They called it live alive..
Thus, how far can a soulless soul be alive??


Friday, 3 July 2015

Love Letter From The Anonymous..

Dear 'Stranger',

I'm always wandering,
Aimlessly without nothing,
In search of life..
In search of you..

For every path that I'm mistaken,
For every road that was wrong taken,
I'm getting more eager to look for you..
I'm growing stronger to be by side of you..

It is hurt for me,
And it might do the same to you,
As we were always parted,
Since we were bear to this world..

We may have bumped to each other,
At the right place but a wrong time,
As there still a journey for us,
Thus that we will appreciating each other,
More than ever..

You might never have noticed yet,
That my heart was meant yours..

For me,
In my day and my night,
In my wake and my sleeps,
I'm deeply yearning for you..

And it's only all of you..

Be well 'Stranger'~
Be well my lover~


Thursday, 2 July 2015

I Heart You, 'Stranger'...

It's not we are barely know each other,
For real were have met never before..

Thus, in a glance i got stumbled on you..
Its feel like we have ever known forever..

I can see it such completely me on the other side,
While half of me wait from hereside..

I get a feeling that your heart, into of what is mine in sense of an extrovert..
While my heart, into of what is yours in sense of an introvert..

The glimpse of yours just appeared from nowhere,
At the wrong time but when I really need you the most..

I can't approach you all of sudden as someone would definitely get hurt..

And for that only reason,
I would rather have myself and me alone that hurt the most,
As I am for sure for this hunch that no one can ever endure this pain that will come forth..

For your soul if the truly perfectly match mine,
Hence no worry,
For soon will us run to each other once and for all,
As a soulmate of one another,
As deeply in our heart's wish for the rest of the world..

You are so near, yet you are so far..
I don't know you, yet I'm truly missing you..
Yes, it's you..

I can't explain all of these metaphysics and psychedelics reasoning and causes,
But I think I'm falling for you..
Truly madly deeply for you..
Yes, it's you..

I'm sorry for being late..
I'm sorry for not being by your side at a time,
That time when you fall, that time when you cry, that time when you need a shoulder the most..
I'm sorry for not being there for you..
I'm sorry for there is no other words can get to you..
I'm sorry..

I'm sorry,
And I love you..

Even if I'm breaking apart,
Even if it's killing me,
Even if I have to bear this all alone,
But still for you,

Yes, i do...


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

jangan kau Bergundah Gulana

Dan seluruh hati mu..

Kau senyum ketika mereka seloka,
Kau ketawa ketika mereka bercanda..

Hari-hari mu kau penuhi seperti biasa,
Membawa diri mu sepenuh jiwa..

Hatimu yang sempurna,
Hati yang keras itu pernah terluka,
Hati yang tegas itu pernah kecewa,
Namun tak sekali ia hilang kelembutannya..

Hidup kau dipenuhi dengan setiap cerita,
Namun jauh di sanubari mu ia masih kosong dan sengsara..

Disaat kau merenung jauh mencari cebisan hati mu,
Di kala itu kan ku hembus separuh diri mu,
Yang telah sekian lama melengkapi jiwa ku..



Keep quiet from this insolency..

I gotta hold my breath..

Say I would never have to sorry,
Cause there is no to worry..

Tears and joy,
Forgetting bout the misery,
Henceforth of this boundary,
No lies would beneath..

I hear ur whisper,
I hear ur secret..

It's a lot to wish,
Yet it's all that come true..

There's lot more to praise,
But fovever never these words would replace..

Thank you for am loving myself...

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