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Friday, 3 July 2015

Love Letter From The Anonymous..

Dear 'Stranger',

I'm always wandering,
Aimlessly without nothing,
In search of life..
In search of you..

For every path that I'm mistaken,
For every road that was wrong taken,
I'm getting more eager to look for you..
I'm growing stronger to be by side of you..

It is hurt for me,
And it might do the same to you,
As we were always parted,
Since we were bear to this world..

We may have bumped to each other,
At the right place but a wrong time,
As there still a journey for us,
Thus that we will appreciating each other,
More than ever..

You might never have noticed yet,
That my heart was meant yours..

For me,
In my day and my night,
In my wake and my sleeps,
I'm deeply yearning for you..

And it's only all of you..

Be well 'Stranger'~
Be well my lover~


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