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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A Bless Curse...

Everyone born with a curse..

Either they realize it or not, either they like it or not.. And suiciding is never an option as once your soul choose to step up in life, your game can't never been withdrawn.. It matters of winning or losing either..

No matter how we look at it, our curses will never be undone till we ourselves untie the knots.. Yes, it's a curse with thousands of knots..

Untying it is like opening the pandora box.. It's a cursed self, full of beasts and monsters and secrets.. All the beasts and monsters are all holding the keys to each and every of your secrets.. We have to let them behold before us or else they are forever corrupting our souls..

Behind those tying knots you might ever find you, yourself within your deepest inner peace with full of conscienceness..

It's sound like bullshit when some are understanding others better than themselves..
It's sound like fuckingshit when some are loving others more than themselves..
How could a mere soulless soul understanding and loving those fragile soul of others??

It is a cursed with lot of pain and misery to each and every souls that lost their place called home..

It's not a matter of living a life.. They called it live alive..
Thus, how far can a soulless soul be alive??


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