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Thursday, 2 July 2015

I Heart You, 'Stranger'...

It's not we are barely know each other,
For real were have met never before..

Thus, in a glance i got stumbled on you..
Its feel like we have ever known forever..

I can see it such completely me on the other side,
While half of me wait from hereside..

I get a feeling that your heart, into of what is mine in sense of an extrovert..
While my heart, into of what is yours in sense of an introvert..

The glimpse of yours just appeared from nowhere,
At the wrong time but when I really need you the most..

I can't approach you all of sudden as someone would definitely get hurt..

And for that only reason,
I would rather have myself and me alone that hurt the most,
As I am for sure for this hunch that no one can ever endure this pain that will come forth..

For your soul if the truly perfectly match mine,
Hence no worry,
For soon will us run to each other once and for all,
As a soulmate of one another,
As deeply in our heart's wish for the rest of the world..

You are so near, yet you are so far..
I don't know you, yet I'm truly missing you..
Yes, it's you..

I can't explain all of these metaphysics and psychedelics reasoning and causes,
But I think I'm falling for you..
Truly madly deeply for you..
Yes, it's you..

I'm sorry for being late..
I'm sorry for not being by your side at a time,
That time when you fall, that time when you cry, that time when you need a shoulder the most..
I'm sorry for not being there for you..
I'm sorry for there is no other words can get to you..
I'm sorry..

I'm sorry,
And I love you..

Even if I'm breaking apart,
Even if it's killing me,
Even if I have to bear this all alone,
But still for you,

Yes, i do...


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