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Monday, 4 April 2011

Not so Brand New Anymore

This feeling was good, then. It is very good now but not as good as the new bird. You get it right? Geddit geddit? Its taking too long to get this mountains. This is good. This is wayy than good. I cant really feel my tongue actually. Yo niggah, tell your bradah to shut it down yaw. So my neuron go to the brain to shut down the function for awhile on timer 30 seconds. Then my tongue shut down. Then i tell my hands via my brain to move. By the time i write this i am ready for a journey. This journey is going to be long, i know it.

It is a light in a shuttle train railway in high speed. It is a journey. I dont know where it heading. This is the unknown part of your brain. Pure white no dots no nothing. You can discover it down actually. Then  you bring in sounds into it. Let it shape the sounds, then you can see it clearly. Im not seeing it since i am looking at my computer screen neither do you looking at your computer screen right? So ignore what i just type just know and dont ever question why are we here?

Again why sound have so many impacts on our lives? There is sound for everything. Even a pandan kaya have it own sound. Everything you own have it own sound. Im tired now. bye


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