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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Sacred Journey

It is an empty road,
The best place i ever cross..

As the wind blow to the deepest of heart,
Through the hollow on my chest,
It's cold and fridging my feeling..

Since the last ones that past by,
I couldn't bear their accompany..

My lungs was screaming,
As it seek its liberties.. 

For my sense can't foresee it,
Am break to piece and piece,
Shattering my solidity..

I'm though yet am blur,
As the night was forever,
But the moonlight was never,
Together with stars it's disappear..

It's a desire to rest my nap,
In the last deep breath,
I fall to the deep sleep..

What is this sound? It's so amusing,
I can't remember the last bird chirping..

What is this warmth? It's so cozy,
I can't remember since the last day I woke instead..

At East it rise to West it set,
As my sense all come back,
As my destiny all come clean,
I bring all of myself back,
And set foot on my absolute path..

Now that am well aware of my inabundancy,
I'll stop holding me back definitely,
With this only myself of my life,
Tenderly I roam through out The Infinity..


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