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Monday, 14 March 2011

Lays of greets

Greens of evergreens,
Diamond of the sea,
Greets the only son,
Dried from a fallen tree,
My dear gretchen,
Lie with all you could,
With killing all from thee,
Sing all you hear,

Get going get going,
Youll be home,
no one to greet,
sunday morning from the street.
By the end of the summer,
Well be gone,
Hear the only speaking,
when all greens are gone,
Follow me into the fallen sky,
Hear the rings,
Hear the sound of a HD tv,
My son you are,
if you are not then you are not
Believe me youll see,
The sevens of the sevens,
Greet them with glee,

The days goes by,
Youll see
Everybody keep going,
to the borderless end,
when there are no more
room to see,
Lights to find,
The only way to the deep
under the soaring ocean,
The furious of wind,
The darkness of the end,
Fuel your heart,
With the only )

All copyrights belong to me that is me. of course im me. Thank you for your visit and dont hesitate to contact
us back on our well being. We are so good and we are good. Thank you for asking,
Copyrights (2011,14,3) copyrighted and copyrighted. Dont try to copy this or part of even the only word.
If you can talk nicely please contact us for vip tables zingga POKER dem you. Thank you again for my
teacher for teaching me english. My parents for sending me to school. and dear GOD thank you for letting me
live in this such beautiful place called earth. All of my lecturer for teaching me to be a better person.

I dont think everybody is a better person. You know why? It is because i am a human. NOT YOU CLEVERBOT. You are not HUMAN also not clever at all. Do you know why i was telling you that
cleverbot is not even clever? It is because human creates cleverbot and it saves all your conversation and
turn in into your screen. Seriously? Clever? I dont thinks so. You know why? Because its only a machine
programmed to do what the other machines do. Like this computer do. It programmed to be a computer
so when it is birth so it know what to do and what not to.

So this is the end of the cleverbot story. IT IS A BEGINNING OF A NEW STORY. (A LOT OF N)
so this story is about a cow. this cow has been duplicated so it is not one but two. One i called james and one
i called patrik ay. At the end of the corner of a total silent street, where only a drop of water can be heard
from upstairs. James stare to the roof where the sun is there, burning him from the inside. Then he said "why
this is all happening to me. I didnt do no harm to the people the living descendents of the human kind."
Then he hear a loud crack of the ground, the 'hammer hit a rock' kind of sound with a giant speaker
attached to it. He take a few steps back because of the inflamoof the 'El loco of the gtoufr'. Such a sudden
all became black as no eyes can see the darkness of thee. He gasping for air as now all of the air is
sucked into the unknown. Then, a voice followed with a echo like sound filling the [______].
A burning sensation slowly wrapping James, the cow. Feels like when all has gone, the only matter is this.
The voice sing again. This time with louder and clearer tone. "What are you"? the voice said. "Imma cow"
said James, the cow. "Ouh, A cow?" said the voice with such disgrace". "Yes, imma cow. And what are you?" said james quickly. "I am the spirit of the earth. im here to punish you." said the voice rapidly.
"what did i do? im just a cow. i dont f""k anyone daughter or wikangs with my EX5. im simply a cow".
said James with the face of a cow. Then the voice said "you dont deserve to be here. You have disgrace the greens god with your undifferentiated sun dried wastages. You now shall be punished according to the green
god." All of a sudden again the voice 'facewarp' with the green god and call him down because he is so high
in the sky. A lightning strikes James and James become bacon slices. Thank you.

p/s as for Patrick Ay will be continued in the next or next then next post. Maybe. Definitely.
Take care and see you soon. You want to be an engineer go for it, chase your dreams, hit the top
and youll be here, with me.


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